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Oct 18, 2021

Tonight, Monday on FADE to BLACK: Richard Doty joins us to discuss the recent revelations about Skinwalker Ranch, the DOD involvement in funding BAASS, AAWSAP, MUFON, and the possibility of a massive disinformation program run by our government.

Richard Doty was born in New York State but grew up in a military family and then served his country in the US Air Force. Richard was hired by the Air Force Office of Special Investigation after attending intelligence course taught by AFOIS, Defense Intelligence Agency and Central Intelligence Agency.

Richard served at Kirtland AFB as a counterintelligence officer. Richard saw duty at Nevada Test Site, Air Force Test Center, Detachment 3, Groomlake, Nevada. Richard investigated the Coyote Canyon UFO sighting on Kirtland AFB and the Paul Bennewitz incident. He was also assigned to AFOSI European Headquarters, Wiesbaden Germany as a counterespionage agent. After leaving the AFOSI, Richard was assigned to an Air Force Reserve unit and later was employed by the State of New Mexico.

Doty also worked for the Institute for Advanced Studies, which was directed by Dr Hal Puthoff.

Today Richard is retired and employed as a consultant.

Air date: October 18, 2021