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FADE to BLACK w/ Jimmy Church Podcast

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Apr 18, 2024

Tonight, Thursday on FADE to BLACK: Brit Elders joins us to discuss her 50 years of research including the unique contact case of a Swiss farmer, Billy Meier, who claims to have met with the Pleiadians.

Brit Elders is an investigative author and documentary filmmaker who traveled the world exploring a variety of topics...

Apr 17, 2024

Tonight, Wednesday on FADE to BLACK: Lesley Mitchell-Clarke will discuss the use of skilled hypnotherapeutic regression in working with individuals who believe that they have had extra/ultra-terrestrial contact or other experiences of high strangeness.

Lesley Mitchell-Clarke is a Toronto based Certified...

Apr 16, 2024

Tonight, Tuesday on FADE to BLACK: Dr. Lynne Kitei is with us and we go INSIDE Phoenix Lights story & how it unfolded throughout the past 27 years by Key Witnesses and her research.

Dr. Lynne D. Kitei, M.D., is an internationally acclaimed physician and health educator with over 50 years of experience. Despite her...

Apr 15, 2024

Tonight, Monday on FADE to BLACK: Dr. James Beacham will discuss his research at CERN that focuses on searches for new particles and phenomena such as dark matter, dark photons, quantum black holes, and exotic Higgs bosons. 

James Beacham is a particle physicist, science storyteller, and filmmaker. He’s currently a...

Apr 11, 2024

Tonight, Thursday on FADE to BLACK: John Greenewald is with us to share his latest research and what is going on in the world of documents... all of them.

John began researching the U.S. Government in 1996 at the age of fifteen. Targeting the CIA, FBI, Pentagon, Air Force, Army, Navy, NSA, and the DIA by utilizing the...