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FADE to BLACK w/ Jimmy Church Podcast

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Jun 29, 2016

A special Wednesday night FADERNIGHT...with Jon Rappoport and his No More Fake News Room...followed by open-lines!!!

Air date: June 29, 2016

Jun 28, 2016

Author Peter Levenda is one of the worlds great researchers...he has covered secret societies, Nazi tech and their influence in current countries and groups...and tonight we cover his latest research into the UFO world...this is a not-to-miss conversation. He is one of the best.

Air date: June 28, 2016

Jun 27, 2016

Dave Sheldon, along with his partner, Rob Whitworth are documentary film makers who travel the world shooting ancient megalithic sites in search of lost history and civilizations. Every great society eventually crashes...they all have...and we discuss North America, the Mayans, ancient Egypt and Gobekli Tepe.

Air date:...

Jun 23, 2016

Peter Joseph is the creator and director of the Zeitgeist films...and tonight we have a very special presentation with Peter as he opens up and tells us how he created the film, the Zeitgeist Movement...our current economic system and what it will take to make the changes needed to create a world that will succeed...

Jun 22, 2016

Author Nick Redfern is back with us to discuss his new book: The Women in Black: WIB. We are all familiar with the MIB...but there is another part to his recent research...and that is the reports about the WIB...and we discuss not only his recent evidence, but actual cases involving the WIB.

Air date: June 22, 2016