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FADE to BLACK w/ Jimmy Church Podcast

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Jul 26, 2023

Tonight, Wednesday on FADE to BLACK: Jim Willis discusses our Hidden History: Ancient Aliens and the Suppressed Origins of Civilization.

Theologian, historian, and musician, Jim Willis earned his Bachelor's degree from the Eastman School of Music, and his Master’s degree from Andover Newton Theological School. An...

Jul 25, 2023

Tonight, Tuesday on FADE to BLACK: Mathew (Mateo) Pallamary is with us to talk about shamanism, visionary experience, entheobotany, plant medicines, consciousness, and altered states of consciousness.

Matthew J. (Mateo) Pallamary frequently visits the mountains, deserts, and jungles of North, Central, and South America...

Jul 24, 2023

Tonight, Monday on FADE to BLACK: Mark Stavish joins us to discuss the history of Egregores from ancient times to present day, including their role in Western Mystery traditions and popular culture and media.

Mark Stavish, M.A., is the founder and Director of Studies of the Institute for Hermetic Studies. Established in...

Jul 20, 2023

Tonight, Thursday on FADE to BLACK: Phillip Bernhardt-House is with us to talk about everything you ever wanted to know about celtic werewolves, dogheads, and related phenomena, but didn’t know you needed to ask!

E* researches in theareas of Celtic Studies, medieval literature, world religions, and the academic study...

Jul 19, 2023

Tonight, Wednesday on FADE to BLACK: It's our once-a-month AMA... Ask Me Anything!


Tonight is your chance to get your questions answered... you can post them in our YT Chat or with Twitter #f2b.




Air date: July 19, 2023