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FADE to BLACK w/ Jimmy Church Podcast

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Jul 31, 2014

Three hours of open lines from all over the country.  Back to back with no interruptions.

Air date: July 31, 2014

Ep.97 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Dr. Barry Taff Psychic OG LIVE on air

Jul 29, 2014

Dr. Barry Taff joins us and we cover his career at UCLA, remote viewing, the CIA, poltergeists, the Entity, Ouija and why should should never ghost hunt your own house.  Bad idea. Also, at the start of the show we get a surprise call from London, UK...Andrew Collins to talk about the recent passing of Gobekli Tepe...

Jul 28, 2014

Dr. Franklin Ruehl joins us on the show...we had some audio problems with the broadcast...but it is truly an honor to have Los Angeles very own Dr. Ruehl with us...we never say this: Thank you Dr. Ruehl for all you have given us. After you listen to this show go over to his YouTube channel and watch over 900 episodes...

Jul 25, 2014

Todd R. Murphy is our guest and we cover the brain, reincarnation, God, spirits, ghosts, the future, deja-vu and what it all means when looking at one's self and how we can find out if we have psychic abilities. First up is Clyde Lewis from Ground Zero and he tells Jimmy about his recent Bigfoot sighting in Tacoma,...

Jul 23, 2014

Solaris Blueraven is our guest and we cover Super Soldiers, MKUltra, mind-control and her experiences with the band Rush, Neal Peart and how it completely changed her life and what she has learned about covert ops, mind-control communications and it's threat to society.

Air date: July 23, 2014