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FADE to BLACK is all about Conspiracy...UFOs, Lost Civilizations, Lost History, Time-travel and the Paranormal. The show is broadcast live Mon-Thursday on, iHeartradio, KGRA and the Game Changer Network. Host Jimmy Church is also the fill-in host on Coast to Coast AM and is on Hangar 1, Time-Beings and the Unexplained for the History Channel/A&E Networks.
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Dec 29, 2016

This is our last show for 2016... it's Fadernight w/ Jon Rappoport and his No More Fake News Room, Live...followed by open lines...taking calls from all around the world...we'll see you next week and next year...2017.

Air date: December 29, 2016

Dec 28, 2016

Laurie McDonald is a graduate of Dale Carnegie Effective Speaking and Human Relations, and a graduate of Alchemical Hypnotherapy Institute of Sacramento she also assisted in teaching for the Alchemical Hypnotherapy Institute of New Mexico. Laurie is a member of Sacramento Hypnosis and Sacramento Institute of Noetic Sciences, A.C.H.E (American Council of Hypnotist Examiners) Laurie has been a certified clinical hypnotherapist since 1995.

Tonight we fully go into the Mandela Effect...we discuss her research of what may be causing it and she presents what she has found. This broadcast is very comprehensive and complete with phone calls from the audience.

Air date: December 28, 2016

Dec 27, 2016

As a multi-dimensional time traveler, Jason Quitt has experienced the past, the present and the future. From ancient Egypt and Atlantis to our possible pre and post apocalyptic future he has been a witness to our un-recorded history.

In his book: “Forbidden Knowledge”, co-authored with Bob Mitchell, he discusses who we are and how mainstream archaeologists, scientists and historians have been swept up in a fabricated storyline. Our world isn’t what we think it is. It’s a world once fought and protected by other worldly and dimensional beings. An ascension process is taking place on our planet today that is awakening our consciousness to peer beyond the veils of our known reality. We are once again remembering our place in the universe as multi-dimensional beings who are having a physical experience on planet Earth.

Jason is our top first-time guest ‘gotta get him back on the show’ request…so, here we are back with Quitt to wrap up 2016!!!

Air date: December 27, 2016

Dec 26, 2016

Damon T. Berry, is an American film director, screenwriter, and producer best known for writing and directing “The Knowledge Of The Forever Time”. A riveting documentary film series that has completely rewritten the history of mankind… it explores and reveals ancient knowledge in a way that no one ever has before.

Damon began his professional career as a radio broadcaster. His voice became his trademark and he became one of the most sought after voices in the business.

Berry then accepted a position with The Walt Disney Company where he would learn the art of script writing and movie making.

While visiting the ancient pyramids in Egypt he experienced a powerful transformation of psyche and self, and this experience was so life altering that he returned to the United States and began writing.

He created an amazing film series that never leaves you with questions and instead it leaves you with unforgiving answers.

There are no questions of, “Why or How can this be”; but instead there are answers. Each episode is called, “An Invitation”; as each episode is an invitation to a new age of man, a new age of earth, and the age of enlightenment.

Tonight we will discuss his latest production: THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE FOREVER TIME: THE BLACK KNIGHT SATELLITE (Invitation #6).

Air date: December 26, 2016

Dec 22, 2016

Another Thursday, another FADERNIGHT with Jon Rappoport and his No More Fake News Room LIVE...followed by Open-lines...and this is our last show before Christmas, lots of holiday cheer going on...

Air date: December 22, 2016

Dec 21, 2016

Micah Hanks is a writer, podcaster, and researcher whose interests cover a variety of subjects. His areas of focus include history, science, philosophy, current events, cultural studies, technology, unexplained phenomena, and ways the future of humankind may be influenced by science and innovation in the coming decades.

Micah has appeared on numerous television and radio programs, including Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells, the History Channel’s Guts and Bolts, CNN Radio and of course, Fade to Black.

He is author of several books, including The Ghost Rockets, Mysticism and the Molecule: The Search for Sentient Intelligence from Other Worlds, Reynolds Mansion: An Invitation to the Past and The UFO Singularity.

Micah currently hosts The Gralien Report on KGRA the Planet…

Air date: December 21, 2016

Dec 20, 2016

John Burroughs entered the USAF in 1979 and served twenty-seven years both in active and reserve. He is currently USAFR (Retired from the Air Force Reserves).

John had various assignments throughout his Air Force career. Some of these assignments were at Luke AFB, Osan AFB, Grissom AFB, Castle AFB, with Reserve assignments at Davis-Monthan AFB Prime Beef , Williams AFB, Reese AFB and Luke AFB as a IMA. He has been on many deployments from Italy to the Middle East.

In 1979 he was assigned as a Security Police Law Enforcement Patrolman, at RAF Bentwaters England. A twin base with RAF Woodbridge, together they amassed the Largest Tactical Fighter Wing in the USAF. In the early mourning hours of December 26th 1980, while working a Law Enforcement Patrol at RAF Woodbridge, he had a life changing event, where he conducted an investigation on a phenomenon, which has left the rest of the world in awe of the most documented and witnessed sighting by the United States military in known history.

John currently co-hosts Phenomenon Radio with Linda Moulton Howe on KGRA the Planet.

Air date: December 20, 2016

Dec 19, 2016

David Wilcock is the author of the bestselling books, “The Source Field Investigations” and “The Synchronicity Key”.

We have had many conversations over the years...and this was one of the best...if not the best, most open and comprehensive discussion to date.

A full 2.5 hours of David completely focused and on point.

David is a renowned filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science and new paradigms of matter and energy. As a professional lecturer, his foundation lies in scientific and spiritual information about soul growth, Ascension and the evolution of consciousness.

He is the host of Cosmic Disclosure for Gaia, is featured on History’s Ancient Aliens, Coast to Coast AM and of course, Fade to Black…

Tonight we wrapped up 2016 and talk about his last two articles: ENDGAME: Disclosure and the Final Defeat of the Cabal and ENDGAME II: The Antarctic Atlantis and Ancient ET Ruins.

Air date: December 19, 2016

Dec 15, 2016

Another Thursday...another FADERNIGHT with Jon Rappoport and his No More Fake News Room LIVE...followed by Open-lines...and the subject tonight was Fake News...and it got heated...and of course Pizzagate came up...and things just took off from there...

Air date: December 15, 2016

Dec 14, 2016

Alex Mistretta is in the Bunker with in the tell us what they discovered on their latest expedition... this one in search of Bigfoot evidence..and yes, they found something extraordinary!

Rick Sinnett, who was with them...calls in from Seattle and shares how it happened...

Alex Mistretta is one of the few full time professional investigators in the field.

He is the former MUFON Los Angeles Director of Investigations, founder of Phenomena Research, co-founder of the UFO & Paranormal Research Society of Los Angeles, and former member of Big Cats in Britain. Following his studies in Anthropology and Psychology at the University of Illinois, Chicago, Alex has devoted his life to research into the paranormal, UFOs, hidden history and Cryptozoology. Described as part Mulder and part Indiana Jones, Alex has also been featured on several television shows, including UFO files and Legend Hunters.

Air date: December 14, 2016

Dec 13, 2016

Ralph Ellis has been researching biblical and Egyptian history for more than 30 years. Being independent from theological and educational establishments allows Ralph to tread where others do not dare, and it is through this independence that Ralph has discovered so many new biblical and historical truths.

His books include: Jesus: Last of the Pharaohs, Eden in Egypt: Adam and Eve Were Pharaoh Akhenaton and Nefertiti, The King Jesus Trilogy, Cleopatra to Christ: Jesus: the great-grandson of Cleopatra, Thoth, Architect of the Universe and his latest work: The Grail Cypher...

Tonight we are going to discuss his book: Mary Magdelene: Princess of Orange...

Air date: December 13, 2016

Dec 12, 2016

Alba Weinman is a certified Clinical & Transpersonal Hypnotherapist.

Trained by well-known hypnotherapists Dolores Cannon and Aurelio Mejia, Alba calls her own regressive hypnotherapy technique “The Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness”. She facilitates her sessions in English and Spanish and guides her clients to past lives, connects with their higher self to get answers to questions, and frees the soul of emotional burdens.

She is spiritually awakening others around the globe via YouTube by allowing them to witness some of her hypnosis sessions and see the possibilities of how this technique can help them with all areas of their lives.

Tonight we will discuss past-life regression, how it is done and some of her most fascinating clients.

Air date: December 12, 2016

Dec 8, 2016

Another Thursday...another Fadernight with Jon Rappoport and his No More Fake News Room ... followed by Open-Lines.

Air date: December 8, 2016

Dec 7, 2016

Scott Wolter is an author and host of the History Channel’s America Unearthed, and tonight he will share the story behind the Oak Island Map…and his continuing research and discoveries made over the last 15 years, beginning with the controversial Kensington Rune Stone discovered in Minnesota in 1898.

We will discuss why the Templars traveled so deeply into North America, and what other clues remain of their presence on the Atlantic coast, including the Oak Island Map… and the enigmatic ‘Hooked X’ symbol, which ties in the Kensington Rune Stone to the First Century Talpiot Tomb of Jesus in Jerusalem.

Air date: December 7, 2016

Dec 6, 2016

Courtney Brown and Dick Allgire of the Farsight Institute are our guests...

Courtney Brown is a mathematician and social scientist who teaches in the Department of Political Science at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Independent of his work at the university, he is also the leading scholar on the subject of “remote viewing” as it is done using procedures that were developed by the United States military and used for espionage purposes, or procedures that are derivative of those methodologies.

Dr. Brown is the Director and founder of The Farsight Institute , a nonprofit research and educational organization dedicated to the study of the phenomenon of nonlocal consciousness known as “remote viewing” and has published peer-reviewed research on this subject in premier scientific outlets.

Dick Allgire has been remote viewing for over 15 years and is with the Farsight stable of grand-master viewers. He has presented at several IRVA Remote Viewing Conferences, and has lectured and trained students internationally at scientific symposia.

Dick is a veteran television journalist with over 26 years experience as a reporter, anchor, and producer. Dick has worked in Hawaii since 1985, and has been at KITV since 1988.

and tonight we discuss their new Time-Cross Project...who is involved and how the project works...

Air date: December 6, 2016

Dec 5, 2016

At an early age, Lon Strickler realized that he had the ability to sense spiritual energy and found this useful in the field when conducting investigations. Most of his early field work concentrated on spiritual activity at historical locations.

In 1981, Lon experienced a “Bigfoot” encounter near Sykesville, MD while fishing on the south branch of the Patapsco River. As a result of the incident, he included cryptids as an important part of his research.

Lon started the ‘Phantoms and Monsters’ blog in 2005 and his research has been featured on hundreds of online media sources. Several of these published reports have been presented on various television segments, including The History Channel’s ‘Ancient Aliens,’ Syfy’s ‘Paranormal Witness,’ ‘Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files,’ and Destination America’s ‘Monsters and Mysteries in America.’

Tonight we discuss his latest work: Phantoms & Monsters: Unexplained Encounters.

Air date: December 5, 2016

Dec 1, 2016

Another Thursday...another FADERNIGHT with Jon Rappoport and his No More Fake News Room LIVE...followed by open lines all night long.

Tonight Jon gives us his take on the Fake News, Fake News sites...and the mass-media, their Fake is only Jon can do it.

Air date: December 1st, 2016

Nov 30, 2016

Author and journalist Mike Sauve has written non fiction for The National Post. His fiction has appeared in McSweeney’s. His novels The Wraith of Skrellman and The Apocalypse of Lloyd are available from Montag Press.

His latest work is: Who Authored the John Titor Legend?

Tonight we go through all of the usual by one...and his try and find out who was or is, John Titor.

Air date: November 30, 2016

Nov 29, 2016

Corey Goode was identified as an intuitive empath (IE) with precognitive abilities and was recruited through one of the MILAB programs at the young age of six. Goode trained and served in the MILAB program from 1976-1986/87. Towards the end of his time as a MILAB he was assigned to an IE support role for a rotating Earth Delegate Seat (shared by secret earth government groups) in a “human-type” ET Super Federation Council.

During his 20 year service his assignments included the Intruder Intercept Interrogation Program and Assignment to the ASSR “ISRV”– Auxiliary Specialized Space Research, Interstellar Class Vessel.

Goode is in direct physical contact with the Blue Avians (of the Sphere Being Alliance) who have chosen him as a delegate to interface with multiple ET Federations and Councils on their behalf, liaison with the SSP Alliance Council, and to deliver important messages to humanity.

Tonight we start off the show with Corey addressing the Steven Greer presentation in Las Vegas...and then we do a complete history of the SSP and the Interstellar War...for the first time everything is brought to the front in detail.

He then answers questions sent in via Twitter and email...

Air date: November 29, 2016

Nov 28, 2016

Author, researcher, documentary filmmaker and professor Dr. Douglas Rushkoff joins the show tonight to discuss how our world became a corporation.

His work focuses on human autonomy in a digital age. He is the author of fifteen bestselling books on media, technology, and society, including Program or Be Programmed, Present Shock, and Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus. He has made such award-winning PBS Frontline documentaries as Generation Like, Merchants of Cool, and The Persuaders, and is the author of graphic novels including Testament and Aleister & Adolf.

Rushkoff is the recipient of the Marshall McLuhan Award for his book Coercion, The Jacques Ellul Award for his documentary The Merchants of Cool, and the Neil Postman Award for Career Achievement in Public Intellectual Activity. Named one of the world’s ten most influential intellectuals by MIT, he is responsible for originating such concepts as “viral media,” “social currency,” and “digital natives.” Today, Dr. Rushkoff serves as Professor of Media Theory and Digital Economics at CUNY/Queens, where he recently founded the Laboratory for Digital Humanism and hosts its TeamHuman podcast.

Air date: November 28, 2016

Nov 24, 2016

This is a FADERNIGHT/Open Lines Special Event w/ Jon Rappoport co-hosting the show on Thanksgiving open discussion and taking phone only Jon can do it.

Air date: November 23, 2016

Nov 22, 2016

For those that have never heard or heard of Bill Cooper...this is the show to get your primer...and if you ever were a fan this is a great walk down memory lane.

Cooper was a trail-blazer...he spoke his mind and didn't care what others thought..."Don't believe me, just listen and go do your own research" and "When you put aliens in the middle of this you get all the answers" were just two of many quotes that have left a lasting impression on all of us.

Here, we break it all down...the good, the bad and the ugly.

Air date: November 22, 2016

Nov 21, 2016

Laird Scranton is an independent software designer from Albany, New York who writes about ancient mysteries, cosmology and language.

Tonight we discuss his new book… The Mystery of Skara Brae: Neolithic Scotland and the Origins of Ancient Egypt...similarities between Skara Brae and the traditions of pre-dynastic ancient Egypt as preserved by the Dogon people of megalithic stone sites near Skara Brae conform to Dogon cosmology and the similarities between Skara Brae and Gobekli Tepe and how Skara Brae may have been a secondary center of learning for the ancient world.

Laird is one of the great researchers in the world...he connects the dots like no attention and take notes.

Air date: November 21, 2016


Nov 17, 2016

Another Thursday...another FADERNIGHT Open-Lines w/ Jon Rappoport and his No More Fake New Room...and tonight Jon discusses the conspiracy of only he can.

Then we open up the phone lines...

Air date: November 17, 2016

Nov 16, 2016

Author and researcher Ronny Le Blanc is our guest and we discuss his new book: Monsterland.

Monsterland is based on an area in Leominster, Massachusetts which is known locally as “Monsterland.” And with good reason, too: like Point Pleasant, West Virginia; Cannock Chase, England; and Texas’ Big Thicket, it’s a hotbed for a wide and varied body of incredible weirdness.

The area has everything: Bigfoot sightings, UFO encounters and orange orbs...and Ronny takes us through some of the events throughout the years and why he wrote the book.

Air date: November 16, 2016

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