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FADE to BLACK w/ Jimmy Church Podcast

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Aug 17, 2022

Tonight, Wednesday on FADE to BLACK: Adam Apollo joins the show to talk about Science and Searching for ET.

As a child, Adam Apollo had several encounters with extraterrestrial starships. Since awakening at 15 years, Adam dedicated himself to extensive studies in theoretical physics, symbolic geometry, past-life recall,...

Aug 15, 2022

Tonight, Monday on FADE to BLACK: Dr. Jonathan Reed joins us for the first time and we are going to discuss ET, Contact, and his Camera.

On October 15th 1996, what all began as an innocent afternoon dayhike in the nearby forest in Seattle Washington, everything changed.

Jonathan came face to face and directly...

Aug 11, 2022

Tonight, Thursday on FADE to BLACK: It's another Fadernight with open-lines all night long!

Your calls, your conversation: UFOs, Conspiracy, Lost History, Time Travel and the Paranormal and Supernatural... un-edited, un-screened, and un-censored!!!

Fadernight is the greatest night of Talk Radio in all of the world.


Aug 10, 2022

Tonight, Wednesday on FADE to BLACK: William Lunsford joins us for night three of Squatch Week on F2B!

Tonight's guest, William Lunsford, is from Texarkana, Arkansas and has had over 40 Bigfoot sightings. He's been researching them for 45 years. He saw the Fouke monster in 1977 and his last sighting was in April of...

Aug 9, 2022

Tonight, Tuesday on FADE to BLACK: Duke Sullivan of World Bigfoot Radio joins us for night two of Squatch Week on F2B!

Brian “Duke” Sullivan is a Bigfoot Researcher from Montana, USA. He saw his first Bigfoot in 1972 when he was just ten years old. Duke has been researching Bigfoot for well over 40 years and...