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FADE to BLACK w/ Jimmy Church Podcast

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Jun 20, 2017

Ehani is a 19 year old video producer, experiencer & ET - contact specialist.

Ehani considers himself an ''Ambassador'' as his purpose is to communicate & educate information from the star-worlds.

Ehani is, on one hand, a humanoid walking on the Earth, blending in with the culture... while on the other hand, he is a transcended multi-dimensional soul-collective which transmits telepathic information to the human race.

This soul collective is an archetype of the higher self which is existing on the higher dimensional layers of reality.

It is Ehani's mission on Earth to anchor and ground the information received from the family of light, a family who appears to him as in a multitude of ways, usually as light, energy, vibrational patterns and advanced consciousness linking technology.

Ehani has had thousand of multi-dimensional experiences which has brought fourth hundreds of artworks, transcripts & videos which are intended to wake up the Earth & bring fourth evolutionary healing energies.

Air date: June 20, 2017