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FADE to BLACK w/ Jimmy Church Podcast

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Dec 30, 2020

Tonight is our final show for 2020 and our guest is Dr. Steven Greer. We will talk about the impact of his new film: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind and what Disclosure we can expect in 2021.

Steven M. Greer, MD is Founder of The Disclosure Project, The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI),...

Dec 29, 2020

Tonight, our guest is UFO researcher and author, Grant Cameron. We will cover all of the latest UFO/ET/UAP headlines and stories from 2020... and discuss the downfall of TTSA.

Grant has been a UFO researcher since 1975, and was recognized as both the Leeds Conference International Researcher of the Year and the UFO...

Dec 28, 2020

Tonight we are going to end the year with a look forward to 2021 with Marla Martenson. We will discuss the year that was, 2020, what we can expect in the new year, and then we'll take your phone calls as Marla will be doing some readings for the Fadernauts!!!

Marla is a Los Angeles based Matchmaker, Transformational...

Dec 24, 2020

Tonight is Christmas Eve... and it's also Thursday, which means it's another Fadernight with open-lines all night long!

We will be gifting 17 Bacon Bar F2B memberships to first time callers without a membership... let's celebrate Christmas 2020 together!!!

Fadernight is one of the greatest nights in all of talk...

Dec 23, 2020

Tonight, live from the UK, our guest is Ronnie Dugdale and we are going to talk about his input with John Burroughs new book and his research with the Rendlesham Forest Incident.

Ronnie is an independent paranormal investigator from Gorleston near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Just a few miles up the coast from the...